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Freedom Tax Debt Relief Settled Married Couple’s Tax Debt For Just $469

Muhammed and Nadia  – Self employed, Corpus Christi, TX

Due to circumstances that were out of their control, Muhammed and Nadia ended up with a tax liability of over $79K. They didn’t know where to turn to for help since their previous tax preparation firm was unable to help them. They came to our office with the IRS letter in his hand   We went right to work to obtain the best resolution for them. First, they granted us Power of Attorney to work the case on their behalf. Next, we reviewed their previously filed tax return for the tax year 2014. We quickly discovered their previous tax preparer had failed to include some very important tax information. We prepared and filed an amended return and included copies of supporting documents to ensure our figures could be validated by the IRS.  Our tax professionals then negotiated with the IRS the final details of the case. Once this was finalized the IRS settled for only $469 and Muhammed and Nadia had their case resolved to their satisfaction.